The Foundation touches people throughout the world and gives hope for the hurting. We are helping to send children to school, assisting with the purchasing of medical equipment and building hospitals, supporting programs that employ adults with special needs, helping to provide resources to people in times of crisis, funding the fight against human trafficking and much more.

We are touching lives through 40 funds with assets of $68 million. The Foundation will distribute $2.5 million to charitable organizations in 2019 with 75% benefiting the Birmingham community and 25% extending to other areas including Africa, Asia, and Central and South America.

Join us in this great-giving journey.

Creating a new fund can support IPC programs and/or to enhance and extend our community ministries. Each fund is uniquely named and separately administered to ensure that donors’ wishes are honored. The minimum for establishing a new fund is $25,000.

Contributing to existing funds are truly the “gift that keeps on giving,” as donations small and large combine to create perpetual support. For, each dollar received $1.67 has already been withdrawn to support the ministries suggested by the Beesons and $2.41 remains in the Fund to generate income for future support of those ministries.